My father in law was an amazing man. He had a heart bigger than the moon, and a smile that was contagious. He worked hard, and on his free time, he relished in his collection. He knew more about the Third Reich than anyone I know, and I am greatful that he not only passed along the knowledge of his passion to me, but his collection to me as well. He was diagnosed with lung cancer two years ago, and shared with me that he wanted to start a online store before he passed. Sadly, he was taken from us suddenly, and his dream was never lived out. I have made it my life's mission to carry his dream out. To make it my dream. He has taught me so much through the years, and I now I feel confident I can run this store successfully and make him proud. My wife has supported me and helped me to make this become a reality. What makes this online store so different from others, is not just the fact that yes, we carry only the finest mint, or near mint items at a fair price, but that this store was built on love and is truly a family affair. Welcome to our family.