Welcome to RW militaria

Ronald Woodward was a great man. A great man and great collector. He had a vast knowlege and respect of the Third Reich and you can tell this by the peices on the web site. He had been collecting for 50 years and if there was anyone who could be called a "expert" of The Third Reich, it was him, Ronald Woodward, also known to his friends as, R.W.He has taught me so much through the years, and I now I feel confident I can run this store successfully and make him proud. My wife has supported me and helped me to make this become a reality. What makes this online store so different from others, is not just the fact that yes, we carry only the finest mint, or near mint items at a fair price, but that this store was built on love and is truly a family affair. Welcome to our family.

Check in weekly, we will be uploading new pictures of new items all the time, if you don't see something one week, believe me it will make it there soon enough! Happy shopping.